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Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS)

More than 200 corporate clients are happy or very happy to work with us according to a customer satisfaction survey. We are also a premium partner of international suppliers and manufacturers. Our team consists of specialists who have been successful in the area of enterprise mobility for more than ten years.


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Oliver Leuker
technical account manager

"Change and innovation move
at a faster pace in enterprise
mobility than in any other area
of ICT. As a technical account
manager, I support our customers
as they convert this pressure
to be innovative into the right
opportunities and solutions.
In this way, I make sure that
jointly defined objectives are
successfully achieved."


Patrick Glaffig
Product Manager SDD

"It is very important to us
to be able to offer our
customers the highest level
of security for their data. We
therefore host our products
in two redundant data centres
in Frankfurt am Main and also
offer end-to-end encryption."



Claus Hessberger
director of Enterprise Mobility Services

"We see it as our mission to develop
products and services for the mobile
world of work. We meet all the
requirements of major customers
and international telecom services,
providing a full portfolio of scalable
services and modules that can be



Dagmar Schneider
global account manager

"Mobile working is not just
a passing trend for our customers,
but a reality. Thanks to new
technology, mobile employees
can take their office with them
at any time. The dynamic
relationship between the old
and the new world of work
and the challenges this presents
never cease to fascinate
and inspire me."



Markus Schönel
product manager

"There are many sides to IT security
- from single devices to complex IT
infrastructure. For me, state-of-the-art
technology is a driving force when it 
comes to developing products and
services. Or making managed VPN
and cloud services in all their forms
even more secure for our customers,
for instance."



Andreas Dröge
head of support and fulfilment

"For me, customer satisfaction
is not an empty promise. After
all, after purchasing a product
I would not want to be left standing
alone if there were any problems.
My philosophy is therefore very
straightforward: in enterprise mobility, 
the customer comes first. We
are there for you 24 hours a day,
seven days a week with a team
of experts on hand."



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