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Productivity goes Wi-Fi. Simply the best network wherever you are

Mobile working is part and parcel of everyday life. The emergence of cloud services, real-
time applications and video content leads to increased mobile data traffic and makes the
availability of high-speed and high-quality connectivity a key factor for greater productivity.
With Global Corporate Access, your employees have access to the world's largest
Wi-Fi network in over 120 countries.


65 million +


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Better quality of service

With over 65 million hotspots, GCA ensures access at relevant business locations, such as hotels, airports and restaurants, and offers Wi-Fi on trains and aeroplanes. GCA uses advanced analytics to assess hotspots based on signal strength, speed, bandwidth and successful connections, and then selects the best access. The GCA client always connects to the best available hotspot.

Simply greater security

Based on auto-login to the Wi-Fi network, there is no need to register on insecure public hotspots. There are no vouchers, no annoying advertising and no personal information needs to be provided. The GCA client offers secure user authentication via SSL, supports common VPN solutions and ensures compliance with company-specific security guidelines. The connection to the next GCA gateway is protected when accessing the internet with a mobile device.

Complete cost control

With Flatrate GCA unlimited, data-intensive applications can be used with no limitations. High roaming costs based on 3G/4G usage and travel expense settlement with unclear hotspot usage charges are now a thing of the past. As a company, you will avail of central accounting for all users as well as regular reports on your employees' Internet usage.

Global Corporate Access

Productivity goes Wi-Fi


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