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Cloud storage and file sharing have become vital for the work of tomorrow and for collaboration with colleagues, business partners and customers. Despite the fact that many public cloud storage and file sharing services are insecure, employees use them for their work, often without the knowledge of IT departments.

Simple, flexible and mobile working
Secure Data Drive enables your employees to store and share confidential information online without any concerns. This means simple, flexible and cross-platform work, at any time and from any place. Legally safe and audit-proof operations Secure Data Drive allows sensitive content to be shared in protected areas and processes for revision documented in a verifiable manner thanks to triple encryption.

Digitising processes and reducing costs
Large files and data volumes can be stored centrally with Secure Data Drive and made available to the desired recipients in a cost-efficient manner in the form of a download via a link.

Maximum security for your company
Secure Data Drive is a cloud storage solution which ensures the complex security guidelines and requirements of large companies and organisations and is as easy to use for employees as public cloud storage solutions

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